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Manufacturing and Design Processes
Production Volume maters. Fabrication materials and processes are extremely varied. Regulatory considerations, simulations, qualification and testing vary. Manufacturable details improve product delivery, and patents or competitive advantage are in the creatively implemented details.

Lower portion of PBX housing Assembled by Flextronics China. Panel produced in UK requires Knock-out detail corrections. Drawings for an injection moulding tool help assess best development strategy. Radiated Disturbance Class B. Vendor runs Mould Flow simulation.

Specifications and quality guidelines dictate the supply chain for which cost quality trade-offs are critical.

Injection Moulded Cable manager. Section From a blow moulded door. Aluminum extrusion, anodized, for small housing. Die Cast Bezel for public phone display and navigation keys. Plastic Extrusions. Spring Steel connector quick fit. Keypad Elastomer. Large injection Moulded Blower Housing.